November 7, 2018

What If You Want More Protein?

If you want to boost your protein levels, you might consider using shelled seeds (hemp, flax, and chia seeds are excellent), or seeds that have been ground into a powder, so you get all the benefits of the whole foods. What about more refined protein supplements? That may not be the best idea. In 2018, the Clean Label Project tested the most popular protein powders on the market. They found that virtually all of the 134 protein powder products tested contained detectable levels […]
November 7, 2018

Arsenic In Rice: How Concerned Should You Be?

Studies have found alarming levels of arsenic in rice. Find out which types of rice have the most arsenic and steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from harm. For many people, rice is a simple, comforting food. In Asia, rice is an ancient symbol of wealth, success, fertility, and good health. And for more than half the world’s population, rice is a staple food and makes up a large portion of people’s diets. Brown rice is often […]
July 29, 2018

Silicon an important element in rice production

Silicon (Si) is the second most abundant element of the earth`s crust after oxygen. It has long been neglected by ecologists, as it is not considered an essential nutrient for plants. However, research of recent years showed that it is beneficial for the growth of many plants, including important crops such as rice, wheat and barley. For instance, Si enhanced the resistance against pests, pathogens and abiotic stresses such as salts, drought and storms. Silicon might, thus, play a crucial role […]