A vision for expanding possibilities

In 2017, We discovered that, mechanisation of agricultural has become a priority across Nigeria as the country gears up to exploit its well-recognised potential to become one of the world's food basket. This comes on the back of the fact that Nigerian farming systems remain one of the least mechanised of all countries. 70% of the farmers take weeks to cultivate and process parcels by hands. To proffer solutions to the Challenges, we created Farmscape, to make farming more sustainable Since its establishment, The company has been devoted to provide a comprehensive line of agricultural machine for residential usage, corporate bodies and small scale businesses and farmers.

Our Vision

To become a front runner supplier of agricultural machines, equipment’s and engineering services in the Agricultural Industry, building a sustainable customer experience in Nigeria.

Our Mission

We strive To provide Reliable Agricultural Machineries and Equipments which are essential to human life.

A company that delivers

Let's take Agric Business further, faster. Together. With our industry leading machinery and equipment backed by exceptional parts, service and support, we not only make working with us easy we make it an essential part of moving your business forward, whether you're a dealer or a supplier.

Since the typical customer seeks quality machines, equipment and excellent services at competitive prices, we focus on partnering with the best brands who have a huge clientele age spread across nations from Africa, Europe, Mid East, South America, Asia.

Our Products are packaged in Carton Case, Steel Frame, Wood frame, and plastic films to protect the product in a reliable manner from physical and environmental stress, as well as ensuring timely delivery of goods to predetermined customers on specific routes at subsidized Fee.

We Are Always Happy To Help you spend less, We'd love to hear from you.